Hit or Miss! #2

A Moster Calls – Patrick Ness

Powerful. Riveting. insightful. Wow. Such a beautiful story about loss and having to come to terms with it. Patrick Ness is a genius. He created something beautiful among all the sadness.

12.07 will stay with me forever.

Without saying to much – If you haven’t read it – you need too.

Rating – 5 stars


Good As Gone – Amy Gentry

Book of The Month Edition

This one was border line “average” for me but decided to give it a higher rating because of the “suspense” factor. The content was difficult to read sometimes and the plot kept you on your toes (kidnapped daughter, returns after 8 years of being missing). I was constantly conjuring up what might happen next! The way the author tied in the past with the present was phenomenal!

Halfway through the book I figured out was was going on but kept reading in hopes that the author would give it some kind of unforeseen twist. (She didn’t) Needless to say it was still a good read.

Rating – 4 stars



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