Hit or Miss! #1

Lucky You – Erika Carter

Book of The Month Edition

I had high hopes for this one!

This book was definitely not for me. It was beautifully written but unfortunately there really wasn’t a plot. The story lead to nowhere. The concept of “un-health” and going off the grid is great but the presentation and ending result just didn’t do anything for me.

Rating – 2 stars


The Vegetarian – Han King

Winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize.

I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would after all the fuss but it was an ok quick read.

I found it very interesting that the author chose not to use Yeong-hye as the narrator for this story even though it was about her. Instead the author chose to use her husband, brother – in-law and sister as narrators.

None of the characters were very personable and I must be honest I didn’t understand why there was so much hostility towards Yeong-hye as it was very clear that she was mentally ill. To me she seemed that way. In the end, the book was disappointing and some of the content was out right insane.

Rating – 2 stars



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