The Themis Files – Sleeping Giants/Waking Gods – Sylvain Neuvel

Hi, friends! Just completed the first two books of the Themis files and…. WOW! 

Purchased Sleeping Giants – kindle edition.  Only because I was extremely anxious to start reading it. Would of waited but just couldn’t contain my excitement!


The book is set up in a “file” format. Everything that you read is from a confidential room in who knows what warehouse. When I skimmed through the first few pages I was really hesitant about this set up but as I started reading I came to the conclusion that this was a genius way to write this book!

From interview #1 or file no. 003 to be exact – Dr. Rose Franklin was likable. You automatically wanted her to saved the entire project and live happily ever after… The connection she had with this “thing”made the plot all the more interesting.

The characters in this story had a very interesting way of intertwining themselves and I really enjoyed the drama that went down. As sick as it may sound. Although the whole leg surgery thing kind of freaked me out a little. (You’ll know as soon as you get to that part) I’m not entirely sure I even knew who or what was running the project and I’m totally ok with that.

Book #2 of the Themis Files: Waking Gods

Received an Advanced Readers copy from Random House Publishing Group. This book is set to be released on April 4th of this year.


Let me start off by saying that I finally understand the titles of this series and it is clever! 

Usually the sequel is not as good as the first novel but this one did not disappoint. The first book left off with so many questions and Sylvain started book #2 by answering those rather quickly. I am surprised that Waking Gods seemed to have way more action than Sleeping Giants. Not complaining! I loved every second of it! 

The plot for this one was so strange and I did not see any of it coming. The “unknown” persons identity was revealed and I am so curious as to what his involvement in all of this is. I don’t want to spill too much because a lot I say may give it away but GOSH! If you loved the first one you will DEFINITELY love the second one.

Seriously. Where did this plot even come from! I wish I could get 5 minutes with the author. I’d like to pick his brain on this series. LOL.


Until next time!



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