Startup – Doree Shafrir


Received this copy through my Book of The Month subscription. I LOVE BOTM! You can also get a copy on AMAZON.

Contemporary read. This one was short and fun for sure!

I had a little trouble with the story line. It seemed like just when it was picking up it, BAM, it was over. I would of loved to see where Sabrina and Dan’s relationship was headed and what Mack decided to do after he was give an ultimatum.

The book brought us into the life of “struggling” journalist and how journalism has evolved over the years. It brought to light how important it is to get a scoop on something and releasing a story almost immediately and figuring out the rest later.

My favorite part of the novel was the interaction between Sabrina and Dan and how they are categorized as “old” in startup culture. Yes, they are in their late 30’s but is that really “old”? The relationship that was portrayed between these two characters was interesting and some might say it is what you call a “broken marriage”. Like other people in that state its easy to ask –  what does one do when your marriage is crumbling?! Who really knows what to do? I am not entirely sure that things were fixed in the end but there was a bandage put over the underlining issues. I’m not entirely sure that was the best way to get through that one…

Overall it was fun but I was left wanting more…

Good debut Novel from Doree Shafrir.

Rating – 3 Stars




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