Let It Grow…

Oh, the joys of being a homeowner! My husband and I purchased our first home about  a year ago. Its an older home and well, its time to get started on “home improvements”. Makes me really want to go back to being a renter guys! It was really nice to just call the owners and let them know that they had to fix t and not worry about any out of pocket expenses. I have come to the realization that we are the owners and WE DO have to worry about out of pocket expenses when we would like to do or fix something in our home. Although it is nice to come home every day and know that it is ours.

One of our minor but more important projects has been taking care of our front yard/front of home to increase “curb appeal”. About 3 months into living in our new home we got our sprinklers repaired (shoutout to my dad for taking care of that for us!) to help with the growth of the sod that we put down. We had been watering it manually and realized that it was not an ideal method. Oh and the sod was dying, lol. During that time I took out A LOT of dead plants in smaller patches of our yard and prepped them for whatever it was that we were going to do with the empty patches. At first I decided that I wanted to fill the patches with rocks and so I did…. and after a few months I HATED how it looked. I than moved those rocks to ANOTHER part of our yard and again it was a lot of empty patches. Stayed that way for a few months..

After a few months of research I decided that I finally wanted to try my hand at planting/growing. We wanted a little more color and so decided to plant anything that was drought/heat resistance and looked pretty. I should say I wanted something pretty because my husband would of been fine with having a patch of rocks. Thanks to the book – How Plants Work: The Science Behind the Amazing Things Plants Do (Science for Gardeners) by Linda Chalker Scott we discovered that it shouldn’t be to difficult to do this whole planting thing. Of course like anything else there is a science. Luckily for us all we needed was some fertilizer and the plant itself. I really wish would of taken a before picture but it just didn’t come to mind. But I do have an after picture and will keep you all posted on the success of these plants!

IMG_4690 (1)


Keeping my fingers crossed for success!!



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